When spring arrives, we often allow the warmer, more upbeat weather to motivate us. Spring cleaner comes to mind first, but car care steps aren't far behind. If you put anything off during the winter, spring becomes the time to catch up.

Check out the owner's manual. Take the time to get any maintenance due or past due done. Oil changes, coolant exchanges, and any other necessary routine service shouldn't be put off. That includes the tires, too. Tires wear down and could suffer in the winter. Get them checked.

Asking a mechanic to perform a multi-point inspection might be advisable. There could be something wrong with the car you don't know about. Checking the hoses, the brakes, and more might uncover something that requires repairs. And you want to get those repairs done.

If you want any service performed, why not call our service department for an appointment. At Century Volvo Cars, our team can help out.

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