While people are generally advised to have oil changes performed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, certain factors could increase or decrease the need for this service. If you do only a very limited amount of driving, you may think that fewer oil changes are necessary. At Century Volvo Cars, we want to show Huntsville, AL motorists why this may not be true.

Sometimes Short-Distance Driving is Incredibly Hard on Cars

Referring to your owner's manual is a great way to start determining the right oil change schedule for your vehicle. According to auto manufacturers, some severe driving conditions create the need for more frequent oil changes. Among the many driving conditions listed in this category is stop-and-go traffic. Thus, if you’re driving largely consists of brief, in-city trips, you might need to have this service performed more often.

The Age of Your Auto is Also Important to Consider

In addition to accounting for any stop-and-go driving that you do, you also have to think about the age of your vehicle. Older cars need oil changes more frequently than newer vehicles. In fact, depending upon the age of your auto, it may need to have its oil changed once every 3,000 miles. Stop by Century Volvo Cars to have your oil changed by friendly and experienced professionals.

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