Nothing is “okay” to overlook when it comes to auto care and safety. Checking your tire air pressure seems minor but doing so is extremely important. An underinflated tire loses traction, especially in rainy or snowy weather. Poor traction can lead to an accident, which can have disastrous consequences for all involved.

Underinflation also brings the risk of wearing down the treads. Weak treads are also unsafe to drive on, and the lower the treads become, the sooner you must replace the tires. Once again, you can’t drive on unsafe tires.

Please don’t think over-inflation isn’t problematic. Too much air in the tires also hurts the ability to maintain traction. Over-inflated tires also tend to suffer blowouts. Keep an air pressure gauge handy, and make sure you always know what the psi level is.

If you need tire or maintenance service in Huntsville, AL, please call Century Volvo Cars. Our service department technicians want to work on your vehicle.

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