Tips for Helping Someone Jump Start Their Car

Neighborly drivers in Huntsville know how to safely jump start other folks' cars. At Century Volvo Cars, we want to offer tips to help you learn.

Most jumper cables are color-coded. Black indicates negative. Red, yellow or striped indicates positive. Always start at the positive terminal of the weak battery. Clamp your positive cable to it, and connect that cable to your good battery's matching terminal. Stay at your battery now. Attach your negative cable to your negative terminal.

Importantly, you should never connect the remaining clamp to the weak battery. Hydrogen gas could ignite. Instead, ground it away from the battery and moving parts. A clean bolt is a good choice. Once this connection is secure, start your car. Run it for 60 seconds. Try to start the other car. Revving your engine can help the weakened car start. Several attempts may be needed. If those are unsuccessful, the other car needs repairs or a new battery.


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