The Volvo XC90: Let's Check Out its Performance Features

Here at Century Volvo Cars, our team is impressed with the Volvo XC90. This luxury SUV is one of the best models in its class with an abundance of benefits. Among these benefits include performance features that offer outstanding capability.

The XC90 is equipped with an eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission. This transmission provides you with superior performance and optimal engine response by always ensuring that you are in the right gear. With this transmission, you can shift to manual when you feel like a dynamic driving experience.

A Four-C Active Chassis is another performance feature equipped with the XC90. This automatically helps you maintain handling and comfort with preferences that include Comfort, ECO, Dynamic, and Off-road. With Four-C technology, the vehicle, driver, and road will be monitored 500 times per second. Once you choose your drive preference and push a button, the electronically controlled shock absorbers will adapt to support your chosen drive preference.



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