An Overview of the Volvo V60 Momentum

At Century Volvo Cars serving Huntsville, AL consumers, the Volvo V60 is a popular sports wagon, and the Momentum trim has much to offer with a broad range of features. Let's have a look at the V60 Momentum.

The Momentum comes with a 12-inch instrument panel that lets you keep an eye on driver information, such as navigation directions. The display lets you choose from four graphic modes and features two round instruments and one central display. The brightness of this display will automatically adjust to the exterior light so that your eyes remain comfortable, and the display becomes bigger when you use the navigation system.

With the Momentum, you can optimize performance with drive mode settings that include Comfort, Eco, Off-Road, Dynamic, and Individual. With Eco, the powertrain and climate system calibrate to reduce fuel consumption. Dynamic mode provides you with responsive braking and steering, and Off-Road helps to enhance traction on difficult terrain.

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